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Bill and Robs: An Excellent Adventure

Welcome to Bill and Robs: An Excellent Adventure! We're a show that brings the laughs while venturing through iconic TV shows and movies. Have you ever watched a movie or TV show you're certain no one else enjoys? Is there a movie franchise that — despite some lackluster elements — you must consume in its entirety? Are you tired of negative reviews of silly media? Then you've found the right podcast!

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Re-Enacted: An Unsolved Mysteries Podcast

A podcast where your cohosts Robert and Crystal discuss an episode of the Robert Stack-hosted Unsolved Mysteries. This is not a news broadcast. The hosts do not take themselves or the program seriously. They're just a couple of dummies who loved the show.

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The Bachelor PhD

Listen to our podcast and get your degree in the Bachelor!

"A Bachelor podcast that features more tangents than contestants." -

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Piloting Error

Come with us as we crash full force into abandoned media, so strange and bizarre, seen by millions and forgotten like some terrible fever dream fit during a childhood ailment. Not dead, but still alive though emaciated by the ravages of time and tape decay, in the purgatory of internet video sharing sites. We don't just review, we take you through every confounding moment to try and piece together the mysteries that are failed television pilots.

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Pumpkin Spice Podcast

A season podcast treat where comedy and horror meet.

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Randy: The Full and Complete Audio Memoir of the Amazing Life and Times of Randy S.!

An 11-episode, self-produced audio-memoir of a 30-something from Maryland found by Mike Sacks as CDs at a garage sale and being broadcast now for the first time as is.

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Passing On the Right

The audiobook version of Passing On The Right: My Ups, My Downs, My Lefts, My Rights, My Wrongs ... and My Career (So Far) in this Bizarro World of Comedy by Skippy "Batty" Battison

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